Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Social Media Optimization in Danville: Clever Ways to Use Twitter for Businesses

Social Media Optimization in Danville: Clever Ways to Use Twitter for Businesses
Twitter is becoming increasingly important for social media optimization in Danville. It can be frustrating for companies that don’t understand how to use social media for marketing their business. They may be tempted to simply post something like “Visit my website” and include a link and expect numbers of visitors to flock to their site. Unfortunately, they are often wrong. Be creative with your tweets and you’ll have better results.
  • Consider the image your profile picture conveys. Does it reflect your business? Why not use the logo if it will fit and still be readable. This may require some manipulation and a graphics editor may be your best choice. If your visitor cannot read the logo, it may be best to choose something else for the profile. Using your photo will help followers connect with you as a person behind the business. Use a close up picture of your face with a plain background.
  • Be sure to fill your profile out entirely. Include business information and customize it using your company colors for the background. Other ways to customize your Twitter account is to change the link color to match the background. This will also make the page seem more cohesive.
  • Your bio is the next part you will need to fill in. Even though you have limited space, make sure it includes the most important aspects about your business. What will potential customers want to know? How will your business answer a need they have? Revisit the bio section regularly to update it and keep it fresh.
  • Create a page on your company website that is accessible only to those following you on Twitter. Provide a link from the profile page. On this landing page, you will want to introduce yourself and your business to followers who link over from Twitter. Include some information about yourself, the company, what products or services you offer and anything that is specific to them. Keep the landing page simple and don’t overwhelm them.
  • Pay attention to what is being said about your company on Twitter. You may want to ask an employee or two that is Twitter-savvy to alert you to questions, compliments or complaints. Try to follow up with any comment that is made, specifically if there was a complaint. A quick response can quell a disgruntled customer. When you respond quickly and personally, you may also find they become an advocate who speaks well of the company because of your quick response and resolution.
  • Use a public Twitter account. Include a link to your Twitter account on your website, in email signatures, on business cards and newsletters. However you choose to connect with your customers or potential customers, be sure to link to your Twitter account.
  • A Twitter account can help you connect or stay connected with current customers. Have someone from your company search for your business name regularly. Follow anyone who mentions your business. Go through customer records and follow anyone who has an account.
  • Provide value for those who follow your company. Coupons and discounts are easy ways to reward those who are connected through Twitter.
  • Tweet a give-away that is only for your followers. Don’t be surprised if you get new followers once the give-away is retweeted.
You may be able to think of other ways to use Twitter as part of a social media optimization in Danville campaign. Twitter is a great way to connect with customers and these ideas may help you make Twitter more effective for your company.

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