Thursday, June 6, 2013

Vine and Its Use in Internet Marketing

Vine and Its Use in Internet Marketing If making meaningful marketing maxims in 140 characters or less is easy – or even manageable – then chances are you use Twitter for your social media marketing in Fremont or other area. Some prefer to promote their product or service in a more visual manner. For these people, Twitter has created Vine – an app for video sharing that allows videos of up to six seconds long.
If six seconds sounds like an incredibly short amount of time, well, it is. Still, it might be a surprise to discover just how much information can be included in a six-second video. When deciding whether to include a Vine account in your social media marketing campaign, consider how it can help and how to best use it.
Try describing your product or service. Take a video of the attempt and look for ways to make it fill the time allotted without going over. Does something need to be left out? Should some other information be added? Does the summary include all the information that a potential client needs to know? Can the product be demonstrated instead? It could be fun to make an instructional video instead of simply informational.
Be creative. While six seconds is pretty short, so is 140 characters, but that can be made to work for you, and so can this. Get the most computer-literate people in the company to make suggestions on how to promote the product or service in the time allowed. They might surprise everyone with their genius.
Consider a video coupon. Let followers know that if they watch the video, they will be able to claim a discount using a phrase or code that is given in the video.
Facebook took over Instagram, which had been usable by Twitter users but now is exclusive to Facebook users only. Vine could fill the gap Twitter users no longer have available to them. Mini-videos could be a fun alternative and, when done right, an excellent tool for internet marketing through social media.
Check into doing candid interviews. Employees can help with this one, if they are willing. Use smartphones to record random people’s reaction to the company’s products or services. The testimonials can be enlightening and useful. If the company decides to use the videos online, it is important to get written permission from those in the video before posting it.
The sooner your company becomes involved in Vine, the more you will be ahead of the competition. There are over 140 million Twitter users. Vine is a new thing and will put any company using it ahead of the pack.
Do not be afraid to branch out into new technology. Play with it, learn from it, and use it. Encourage employees to use it (within reasonable parameters, when it affects the company). It can be an invaluable part of social media marketing in Fremont.

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Internet Marketing with Instagram

Internet Marketing with Instagram It can be difficult, sometimes, to keep up with the changes in internet marketing and social media marketing in the Bay Area.  It takes time to learn how to get good results. There are a lot of options available in social media, one of which is Instagram. Instagram was started in 2010 by Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger, who developed it and launched it in San Francisco.
Instagram was made for photo sharing but combines that with social networking. Facebook bought it out in early 2012, and that expanded its user base to over 80 million worldwide. It started out supporting only Apple products (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch), but now is available on Android 2.2 and newer. As a photo app, it is among the most popular of its kind. How can this be used for marketing?
Plan to fit Instagram into your marketing strategy. Even though it seems to be wildly popular, remember that it is not wise to put all your effort into one platform. Use it as a part of an overall strategy, and not as the whole strategy. Traditional marketing, as well as search engines and social media, need to be part of the strategy as well. Link it with pages on Facebook, Pinterest, and Tumblr for greater exposure.
Get employees involved. Have them link to company pages, follow the company and add photos (with clear guidelines for acceptability). This will help the company appear more user-friendly and accessible to the general public.
Use hashtags. Already established hashtags can be used but consider creating new ones, especially using the company name or brand. Be sure to also monitor them. If hashtags are a new idea to the company, more information is available from Bay Area Online Marketing or other internet marketing companies.
A mobile catalog can give users a list of company products or services. Instagram is an excellent resource for this sort of sharing. Display creatively, encouraging users to enjoy the photos and hopefully share them.
If the company is a manufacturer, get photos of the process, as well as the finished product. This can increase interest in both viewing and sharing. Perhaps consumers can be encouraged to upload photos of them with the product or how they use the products (encourage them to use hashtags with the company name on their photos). Use some customer photos on the company feed occasionally; people will often share the company feed with their friends if their own photos appear there.
The key to using Instagram for social media marketing in the Bay Area or anywhere is to be creative. Do not be afraid to ask questions of experts in online marketing to learn more about how companies can benefit from social media – including Instagram – for marketing.