Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Discover How Mobile Tools Improve Your SEO

The use of smartphones and other mobile devices has increased in recent years. And because more and more people are using these devices, search engine optimization (SEO) has become more dependent on accessibility to all devices. Many websites have found out that incoming traffic is more often coming from mobile sources including smartphones and tablets. Often a large chunk of the traffic comes from the use of these mobile devices rather than desktop computers. Google gets almost half of the traffic from mobile. Almost a fourth of online sales from the past holiday season came from smartphone or tablet users. It's not uncommon that many of us nowadays use mobile devices while watching television.

And because of that, it's necessary that a business website should be optimized for desktop and mobile access. Recently Google imposed penalties for non-mobile-friendly websites by lowering their rankings. Apart from that, Google now sends notations to sites that are adaptable to mobile devices when the search is done on one of these devices.
Google has a couple of tools to improve optimization and help make the website mobile-friendly.

  • Google Page Speed Insights - allows the user to check the speed of a website, on desktop and mobile devices. The tool also highlights the elements that may slow down the loading of a website, as well as those that will be removed when viewed on mobile devices.
  • Google Mobile-Friendly Test – This checks the usability and viewing factors. Then it sends back reports on what it recognizes as being detrimental to potential visitors. It also suggested ways how to fix them.

You should consider these factors when creating or editing a business website to improve mobile performance and SEO:

  • Speed- Speed is essential to a website's performance and reputation. If users find a website too slow to load, they will lose interest in checking it further and find a faster website.
  • Redirects - A lot of websites use redirects to send mobile users to a more mobile-friendly versions of the site, as well as desktop users to a more desktop-optimized version. If a website has faulty redirects (such as sending mobile users to a desktop version and vice versa), visitors will have trouble surfing the site and it will cause them to view the site as unprofessional.
  • Content - Because not all mobile devices support common media formats such as videos or sound clips, universally-supported formats are the solution. They will provide a pleasant experience for the users.
  • App Ads - If a website uses a certain app it is all right to put ads in the content or include a reasonably-sized advertisement. However, Google imposes a penalty for websites that are very large and block the rest of the content, or slows down the site's performance.

A site's quality content and a decent navigation are all what matters in SEO and mobile SEO, no matter what the category of a site.

Friday, October 18, 2013

Using SEO for Bay Area Businesses Can Help Your Website Be Found Locally

Using SEO for Bay Area Businesses Can Help Your Website Be Found Locally

If you want people who are local to your business to be able to find it easily online, then you need to pay attention to using SEO for your Bay Area business. You want your business to stand out and to show up as close to the top of the listings as possible. Fewer people than ever today are using print phone books, even for local area businesses; most people turn to search engines.
In order to improve your chances of being found by the people in your area, there are some things to keep in mind.
Keywords need to be specific to your location. People who are looking for a local business are more likely to use the name of the town in which they are looking, rather than a general search, in order to narrow the results to useful links. Because of this, make sure that your city, county, or other location keywords are included in your site wherever possible. If someone living in Bay Area is looking for tire repair, for instance, they will probably type in “tire repair Bay Area.” If you are careful to use SEO keywords specifically to indicate your location, it will help you to be found by local potential customers.
When optimizing for Google, make use of Google Places. Google has businesses listed in its database even if they do not have a web presence. Find your location there and claim it by navigating to and using the link to Google Place. If Google does not already have a listing for your business, you can add it there. If you are adding it, be sure to offer as much information as possible to make your business accessible. Include your physical address, hours of operation, a photo of your building from the road, and use SEO keywords here, as well, when pointing it to your business website.
Another tool that can help make your site easier to find is Yelp. A customer review site, it has businesses from many major cities around the nation. A business account is free, so it makes sense to create an account including all your pertinent business information. It will let you know when anyone reviews your business so you can interact with reviewers, whether positive or negative.
No discussion of ranking would be complete without mentioning Facebook, which has become ubiquitous in the internet world. Using Bay Area SEO keywords on your Facebook page will enhance your ranking on Google and other search engines. It is important to keep your Facebook page updated, too, as a stagnant page will lose interest of both individuals and search engines.
While there is no way to guarantee a top spot in Google’s results, an effective strategy for SEO in Bay Area can be useful. If you need help creating one, Bay Area Online Marketing can help.

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Tackle Social Media Marketing in San Ramon

Tackle Social Media Marketing in San Ramon Tackling social media marketing for San Ramon businesses does not have to be difficult. Social media marketing has the same challenges as internet marketing in general, but any business can overcome them if they take the time to learn about the benefits of using social media as part of a comprehensive marketing plan.
Some things anyone using social media marketing in San Ramon will want to consider are compliance concerns, litigation, violations in private data, protecting intellectual property and other concerns. These are common risks which, although they won’t be completely alleviated, they can be reduced considerably.
You can reduce the risks associated with using social media by limiting the number of platforms you utilize. You could sign up for every social media network available online, but it isn’t necessary nor is it advisable. Of course, you will want to research each of them to see which one will fit best within your business model. Choose the ones that fit the best and then use them wisely. LinkedIn caters to companies that cater to other companies. On the other hand, Facebook and Twitter might be better for those that deal with individual consumers.
When you do begin social media marketing in San Ramon campaigns, you will want to pay special attention to what others are saying. Either you or someone on your staff can do regular searches for the company name or products to see what is being said. It is important to respond to any complaints that may be found as well as anything negative. Your quick response will let those with complaints know that you care about what they think and are serious about making things right. You will also want to respond to positive comments and let the customer know you appreciate them as well as making the comments public.
Think about what you want to accomplish by using social media marketing. How do the people in your target market use social media? How do they interact with it? How will you decide if your social media efforts are providing the results you want? Knowing these answers will help you know where to focus your efforts in order to meet your business goals.
Incorporate social media into all aspects of your business rather than keeping it in one area. By integrating social media throughout your business you will be able to reach more people and connect with them. If you do not incorporate social media, it may not be as effective as it could be by making it a vital part of your overall marketing strategy. What can you do with social media marketing in San Ramon?
  • Announce news about the company or products.
  • Share information about your employees and milestones they’ve hit.
  • Offer tips or tricks about ways to use your products or services.
  • Share inspirational thoughts or mention good things happening in your community.
If you take time to make regular updates on whatever social media platform you choose, people will “like” and “follow” you as well as coming back to see what new things you have to offer.
Make updates to your social media during the hours your company is in open. If you are open for business from 9 to 5 that would be the time to post. However, if your business works around the clock, it would be fine to post an update at 2 AM.
Be sure to keep things “real.” Consumers want to know that you are concerned about their thoughts, needs and likes. Use language people use each day but don’t fall back on ‘chat slang’ that looks unprofessional.
It is amazing how much social media has become a part of nearly everyone’s lives these days. When you want to add social media marketing to your business plan, take time to learn what you can before you implement anything. When you understand social media marketing in San Ramon, you can expect to see results that show it is working for you.

Social Media Optimization in Danville: Clever Ways to Use Twitter for Businesses

Social Media Optimization in Danville: Clever Ways to Use Twitter for Businesses
Twitter is becoming increasingly important for social media optimization in Danville. It can be frustrating for companies that don’t understand how to use social media for marketing their business. They may be tempted to simply post something like “Visit my website” and include a link and expect numbers of visitors to flock to their site. Unfortunately, they are often wrong. Be creative with your tweets and you’ll have better results.
  • Consider the image your profile picture conveys. Does it reflect your business? Why not use the logo if it will fit and still be readable. This may require some manipulation and a graphics editor may be your best choice. If your visitor cannot read the logo, it may be best to choose something else for the profile. Using your photo will help followers connect with you as a person behind the business. Use a close up picture of your face with a plain background.
  • Be sure to fill your profile out entirely. Include business information and customize it using your company colors for the background. Other ways to customize your Twitter account is to change the link color to match the background. This will also make the page seem more cohesive.
  • Your bio is the next part you will need to fill in. Even though you have limited space, make sure it includes the most important aspects about your business. What will potential customers want to know? How will your business answer a need they have? Revisit the bio section regularly to update it and keep it fresh.
  • Create a page on your company website that is accessible only to those following you on Twitter. Provide a link from the profile page. On this landing page, you will want to introduce yourself and your business to followers who link over from Twitter. Include some information about yourself, the company, what products or services you offer and anything that is specific to them. Keep the landing page simple and don’t overwhelm them.
  • Pay attention to what is being said about your company on Twitter. You may want to ask an employee or two that is Twitter-savvy to alert you to questions, compliments or complaints. Try to follow up with any comment that is made, specifically if there was a complaint. A quick response can quell a disgruntled customer. When you respond quickly and personally, you may also find they become an advocate who speaks well of the company because of your quick response and resolution.
  • Use a public Twitter account. Include a link to your Twitter account on your website, in email signatures, on business cards and newsletters. However you choose to connect with your customers or potential customers, be sure to link to your Twitter account.
  • A Twitter account can help you connect or stay connected with current customers. Have someone from your company search for your business name regularly. Follow anyone who mentions your business. Go through customer records and follow anyone who has an account.
  • Provide value for those who follow your company. Coupons and discounts are easy ways to reward those who are connected through Twitter.
  • Tweet a give-away that is only for your followers. Don’t be surprised if you get new followers once the give-away is retweeted.
You may be able to think of other ways to use Twitter as part of a social media optimization in Danville campaign. Twitter is a great way to connect with customers and these ideas may help you make Twitter more effective for your company.

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Vine and Its Use in Internet Marketing

Vine and Its Use in Internet Marketing If making meaningful marketing maxims in 140 characters or less is easy – or even manageable – then chances are you use Twitter for your social media marketing in Fremont or other area. Some prefer to promote their product or service in a more visual manner. For these people, Twitter has created Vine – an app for video sharing that allows videos of up to six seconds long.
If six seconds sounds like an incredibly short amount of time, well, it is. Still, it might be a surprise to discover just how much information can be included in a six-second video. When deciding whether to include a Vine account in your social media marketing campaign, consider how it can help and how to best use it.
Try describing your product or service. Take a video of the attempt and look for ways to make it fill the time allotted without going over. Does something need to be left out? Should some other information be added? Does the summary include all the information that a potential client needs to know? Can the product be demonstrated instead? It could be fun to make an instructional video instead of simply informational.
Be creative. While six seconds is pretty short, so is 140 characters, but that can be made to work for you, and so can this. Get the most computer-literate people in the company to make suggestions on how to promote the product or service in the time allowed. They might surprise everyone with their genius.
Consider a video coupon. Let followers know that if they watch the video, they will be able to claim a discount using a phrase or code that is given in the video.
Facebook took over Instagram, which had been usable by Twitter users but now is exclusive to Facebook users only. Vine could fill the gap Twitter users no longer have available to them. Mini-videos could be a fun alternative and, when done right, an excellent tool for internet marketing through social media.
Check into doing candid interviews. Employees can help with this one, if they are willing. Use smartphones to record random people’s reaction to the company’s products or services. The testimonials can be enlightening and useful. If the company decides to use the videos online, it is important to get written permission from those in the video before posting it.
The sooner your company becomes involved in Vine, the more you will be ahead of the competition. There are over 140 million Twitter users. Vine is a new thing and will put any company using it ahead of the pack.
Do not be afraid to branch out into new technology. Play with it, learn from it, and use it. Encourage employees to use it (within reasonable parameters, when it affects the company). It can be an invaluable part of social media marketing in Fremont.