Thursday, December 27, 2012

Social Media Optimization with Videos for Local Bay Area Businesses

Social media optimization (SMO) has become more important for online marketing in the last year or so because of how popular social networking sites have become. Nearly anyone who accesses the internet has at least one social media account. One aspect of SMO that has increased in popularity is videos for local businesses in the Bay Area.  Businesses that are interested in internet marketing are concentrating on SMO and seeing results. Because you can do so much with local business videos and social media, it simply makes sense to use what is available.

You may be wondering why social media optimization is “it” and how to use it to your advantage. Perhaps the reason SMO is so popular is that every website wants to reach the top of the Google search engine pages and Google has begun including traffic generated through social media in their algorithms. Facebook, Twitter and other social media outlets are making it possible for a page to be indexed in minutes where it used to take days, weeks or longer to receive the same number of links back to a website. Search engines recognize how powerful the medium is and have adjusted their algorithms accordingly.

Bay area businesses may wonder how they can use video content and SMO to increase website traffic, and ultimately, affect their profits. Think about the following strategies and determine which ones appeal to you most:

·         Video content conveys so much more than an email or newsletter. Those watching your video will see your excitement but it may not come through in writing. When produced properly, the people watching it will catch your enthusiasm. They will be more likely to share your video with others with whom they network. A video goes “viral” when one person shares it with their network, who shares it with others still.

·         Some people do not want to read a long landing page. They would rather watch someone explain or demonstrate a product, so having a video on your website might actually bring more people to it. Once visitors arrive, it is important to provide other content (audio files, articles or other videos) which will keep their attention. It also helps if the additional content solves a problem they may have. The more value your visitors get from your videos, the more they will be likely to share the link to your videos with others.

·         Video titles and descriptions are important for getting links back to your website. Links back to a business website are important for internet marketing and search engine ranking. When you place links in the titles and descriptions, you are using search engine optimization techniques that will create a link back to your website each time someone clicks to watch your video.

·         You may want to provide a transcript of your video content, depending upon what the video was about and being able to read it would be advantageous. Placing an audio file of the video on your website might also be a good idea. This provides visitors with several ways to share what you have to say. Keep this option in mind the next time you produce a video because audio and transcripts are necessary for all videos.

·         Make sure you distribute video content you create to social networking sites. Start a YouTube channel; add your video to Vimeo or one of the other video sharing sites. Then, be sure to link your videos with Facebook or write a Tweet about it. Before you know it, with the wonders and connectivity of social networking, millions of people could soon see your video.

·         Adding a blog post to your business blog is another way to share your video content. Be sure to include a link to the video as well as embedding the video in the post.

It is possible to get your video in front of hundreds, thousands and potentially millions of people if you understand the power of social media optimization with videos for local Bay Area businesses. Each time someone shares or watches your video, it can influence how well your website fares in search engine rankings. When combined, the potential benefits afforded by SMO and videos are hard to deny.