Thursday, December 27, 2012

Social Media Optimization with Videos for Local Bay Area Businesses

Social media optimization (SMO) has become more important for online marketing in the last year or so because of how popular social networking sites have become. Nearly anyone who accesses the internet has at least one social media account. One aspect of SMO that has increased in popularity is videos for local businesses in the Bay Area.  Businesses that are interested in internet marketing are concentrating on SMO and seeing results. Because you can do so much with local business videos and social media, it simply makes sense to use what is available.

You may be wondering why social media optimization is “it” and how to use it to your advantage. Perhaps the reason SMO is so popular is that every website wants to reach the top of the Google search engine pages and Google has begun including traffic generated through social media in their algorithms. Facebook, Twitter and other social media outlets are making it possible for a page to be indexed in minutes where it used to take days, weeks or longer to receive the same number of links back to a website. Search engines recognize how powerful the medium is and have adjusted their algorithms accordingly.

Bay area businesses may wonder how they can use video content and SMO to increase website traffic, and ultimately, affect their profits. Think about the following strategies and determine which ones appeal to you most:

·         Video content conveys so much more than an email or newsletter. Those watching your video will see your excitement but it may not come through in writing. When produced properly, the people watching it will catch your enthusiasm. They will be more likely to share your video with others with whom they network. A video goes “viral” when one person shares it with their network, who shares it with others still.

·         Some people do not want to read a long landing page. They would rather watch someone explain or demonstrate a product, so having a video on your website might actually bring more people to it. Once visitors arrive, it is important to provide other content (audio files, articles or other videos) which will keep their attention. It also helps if the additional content solves a problem they may have. The more value your visitors get from your videos, the more they will be likely to share the link to your videos with others.

·         Video titles and descriptions are important for getting links back to your website. Links back to a business website are important for internet marketing and search engine ranking. When you place links in the titles and descriptions, you are using search engine optimization techniques that will create a link back to your website each time someone clicks to watch your video.

·         You may want to provide a transcript of your video content, depending upon what the video was about and being able to read it would be advantageous. Placing an audio file of the video on your website might also be a good idea. This provides visitors with several ways to share what you have to say. Keep this option in mind the next time you produce a video because audio and transcripts are necessary for all videos.

·         Make sure you distribute video content you create to social networking sites. Start a YouTube channel; add your video to Vimeo or one of the other video sharing sites. Then, be sure to link your videos with Facebook or write a Tweet about it. Before you know it, with the wonders and connectivity of social networking, millions of people could soon see your video.

·         Adding a blog post to your business blog is another way to share your video content. Be sure to include a link to the video as well as embedding the video in the post.

It is possible to get your video in front of hundreds, thousands and potentially millions of people if you understand the power of social media optimization with videos for local Bay Area businesses. Each time someone shares or watches your video, it can influence how well your website fares in search engine rankings. When combined, the potential benefits afforded by SMO and videos are hard to deny.

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Knowing Where to Turn for Search Engine Optimization in Fremont

If you want to build a strong online presence for your business, it helps to know where to turn for search engine optimization in Fremont. Companies understand how important it is for people to find them when searching for a product or service. As the internet comes more jam-packed, it is even more important that a company stand out among their competitors. Bay Area Online Marketing is poised and ready to help you create the right online marketing plan that takes into consideration your SEO goals and needs.

Guidelines for Finding Search Engine Optimization in Fremont Assistance

·         Learn more about visitors to your company website by using Google Analytics or another analytic software. Analytics will provide a report of who is visiting your website, how much time they spend there, which pages they visit most often and how they use your website. By having these statistics in an easy-to-read report, you will be able to create the content your visitors want to meet their needs and increase how many people get to your website.

·         Learn everything you can about the competition including what keywords and phrases they use. There is software available that will discover the keywords other websites use within your niche and that draw visitors to their website. Once you understand what keywords they use, it will help you find new keywords to use for your own search engine optimization campaign.

·         Use surveys on your website to learn vital information from those who frequent your site. A survey can be one of the most effective ways to learn more about what you are doing right and how you might improve your site to maximize your outcome. An SEO specialist will be able to guide you to success with surveys.

·         Be daring enough to try something different. Using SEO is one of the least expensive ways to market your business website. In addition, it is fluid enough that if something does not work well, you can make changes because it is easy to measure results through analytics. Depending upon the results you get, you can keep going down the path set forth by the SEO specialist or toss it out in lieu of something else.

·         An SEO expert from Bay Area Online Marketing will stay current on new technology and trends so you do not have to do it.

·         Be sure to monitor the results on your website. As you watch your site’s statistics, you will see how SEO keywords increase traffic and sales or drop it for something else.

It takes time to build brand recognition but it is possible to learn with the right team behind you. Once you understand the nuances of search engine optimization, you can use them to your advantage.

Spending time with an SEO professional is the first step to learning what you need to know about search engine optimization in Fremont. They will help you establish a solid online marketing plan that will provide the results your company wants and needs.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

SEO Fremont: Get Higher Rankings in the Search Engines

SEO Fremont: A company that has considered marketing itself online is probably familiar with search engine optimization, also referred to as SEO. It is among the most effective and well-known forms of internet marketing. There are a number of ways to get online traffic, with search engine optimization being one of the very best.  Search engine optimization is free, and when done correctly, super targeted. Both of these make it an ideal form of traffic generation.
Learn how to improve internet market performance. It is important to note that the algorithms which control search engines and search engine rankings change from time to time. These changes are made on purpose and by the search engines to keep web masters from manipulating and controlling them. However, with that being said, there are still things that web masters can do to try and improve their rankings. The following tips have been proven to work for some time. Whether or not this changes in the foreseeable future, is only known by the powers that be at the search engines.

  1. On-page optimization: On-page optimization is one of the most important SEO factors. When it is done correctly, along with off-page optimization, low bounce rates, and continuous growth, a webmaster has a chance to obtain really good results. This is, of course, if the targeted keywords are not too competitive. Even the best on-page optimization can be virtually useless if the competition is too stiff.

  2. Off-page optimization: Off-page optimization is crucial to high rankings. This mostly involves obtaining links. It is important to be discriminate when getting links. Junk links and link bombs can hurt more than they can help. This wasn’t the case a few years ago but it is now. High quality links, even a fewer number of them, hold more weight than low quality links in large numbers.

  3. Bounce-Rate Reduction: The bounce rate is the amount of time a person stays on a website. The longer they stay, the better. The search engines assume that longer visits mean higher quality websites and thus these websites are rewarded. It is important to reduce bounce rates as much as possible. An informative, easy-to-navigate website, tends to do the trick.

  4. Continual Growth: The search engines tend to reward websites that are constantly growing. Adding content on a regular basis can be very helpful in this regard. If writing fresh content isn't a skill possessed by the company's staff, this can be outsourced.

  5. Domain Matching: Domain matching has proven to be a very effective way to gain “points” with the search engines. It involves purchasing a domain that includes a targeted keyword.
These aren't the only SEO Fremont tricks, but are ones that will garner the best results if used properly.

Online Marketing San Ramon: An All-Encompassing Approach

Online marketing in San Ramon has become a significant part of many entrepreneur's and company’s marketing portfolios and with good reason. It has become a nice source of income for many. With millions of people logging onto their computers daily to make purchases (among other activities), there are no signs of it slowing down.  

It is important that companies planning to market themselves online take a well-rounded approach. Failure to do so can lead to problems, perhaps even financial disaster. Things change quickly online. What’s hot one day, isn’t the next. Therefore, companies who adopt a number of advertising approaches, to help safeguard against the potential disaster of placing all of one’s eggs in a single basket, will fare better. Take a look below at several internet marketing options which can be used in conjunction with each other. 

  1. Search Engine Optimization (SEO): SEO is one of the best ways to market online. It is free and the ability to generate laser targeted traffic, leads and sales, is noteworthy.

  2. PPC (Pay-per-click): At one time, pay-per-click was pretty easy, not to mention lucrative. While it still has the potential to generate sales, it’s no longer easy. It is very competitive and in many cases, expensive. Consider the fact that pay-per-click companies like Google, are making this type of advertising increasingly difficult, it is best left to the experts and those with a big budget, though some smaller companies and/or entrepreneurs have managed to have some success.

  3. E-zine Marketing: Online e-zines continue to be popular. As a result, purchasing advertising on these e-zines can be very lucrative. To ensure success, the right e-zine should be targeted, the ad is well-written and the offer is right. It will be necessary to find an e-zine that reaches one’s target market before beginning this type of marketing campaign. 

  4. Article Marketing: Article marketing is another online-based, advertisement/marketing option. It involves writing a short article (300 to 500 words) about a company or the product or service it is trying to sell. Informative articles are typically best. Hard selling articles don’t tend to do as well. Article marketing informs while also helping to drive traffic to a company’s or individual’s website. 

  5. Press Releases: Press releases are all about getting press for a product or service. They are not advertisements, at least not in the traditional sense. They are supposed to be written to inform and describe a newsworthy event or development. Some companies will have an in-house staff that can craft these. For others, it will be necessary to outsource this, not only the writing of the release but also its distribution.
The best approach to online marketing in San Ramon or other Bay Area cities is to use one or more of these internet marketing options. Turn to a company like Bay Area Online Marketing to help develop the right online marketing plan for your company.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Internet Marketing Danville – Take Advantage of the Internet’s Potential

Businesses interested in expanding should give some consideration to internet marketing. When done right, it can be a very good way for a company to generate leads, make sales and ultimately, improve its bottom line. Just as with all forms of advertising, it will be necessary to come up with a solid plan. This isn’t a good place to simply ‘fly by the seat of the one’s pants.’ Doing so could be quite disastrous, not to mention costly. Some companies will want to hire a firm that specializes in internet-based marketing. This can be a very good idea. Doing so can significantly, shorten a company’s learning curve and the time it takes to see results.

The internet has transformed tremendously in the last fifteen to twenty years. Long gone are the days when only a few forward-thinking companies were online trying to sell their wares and various services. Today, many companies advertise themselves online, some with great success, others with a moderate amount and still others, with very little.

Understanding internet marketing, having a plan, working that plan, tracking results and then making adjustments are all requirements for success. Companies that fail to follow these steps generally fail or struggle a great deal. One of the best ways to avoid doing so is to work with a professional internet marketing Danville firm. The good ones are equipped to create marketing campaigns that have the potential to improve a company’s standing in the search engines and various other places online.

Traditional marketing is one of the more popular ways for companies to advertise online. This type of marketing involves placing advertisements online with the hope that someone will see them, like them and make a purchase. While this can be very effective, it is not the only option available.

Another popular way to market online is social network advertising. This involves the use of social networks and related properties. Traditional marketing is a more direct approach, whereas social networking marketing is more relationship-based and in some ways trickier. A balance must be made between being social and still selling products or services, all without being to brash and turning potential consumers off. Working with a firm that specializes in this type of marketing can be very helpful and in some cases is recommended. However, before making a hiring decision in this regard, it is extremely important that a company perform its due diligence. If it fails to do so, problems are more likely to ensue than if they researched the internet marketing Danville options and then chose the company that is able to meet their marketing needs.