Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Facebook – A Quick and Easy Way to Get Business Exposure

Facebook and the other social media platforms are great tools you can use to get exposure for your business. In fact, using these tools can be the quickest and easiest ways to present your business before millions of people on a daily basis. Using the following tips, you can see the benefits of using a Facebook fan page, often very quickly.

  • Facebook fan page name – The old saying goes “you only get one chance to make a great first impression.” This is true when meeting someone face-to-face and in how you present yourself online. Google will look at the first word of your title and see it as the most important followed by the rest of the words as being less important. Choosing the correct fan page title can have the most impact when it comes to Google.

  • Business website keywords – If you already have a business website, be sure to use the same keywords from your business website and place them strategically on your Facebook fan page. Search engine optimization principles will work whether on your website, fan page or blog. Pay attention to the About Us, Company Description and Mission sections to be sure Google indexes your fan page. A 140-character description that includes important keywords will also help how well your fan page indexes.

  • Business profile – Some businesses are tempted to take shortcuts and leave important information off their fan page. Instead, you want to be sure to fill out completely the business profile. Your visitors will see you as being trustworthy. Be sure to read and understand Facebook’s rules for business accounts so you don’t overstep any declared lines.

  • Local information – Google will also take note whether or not your fan page includes local information. Add the address for your physical location and a telephone number. Not only will this help with Google, it will also make it easier for your local customers to find your business.

  • Meta descriptions are also important – Google sees the first 18 characters of your posts on your fan page as a Meta description. When you publish the post, this will be what your readers see. Be sure to take advantage of this prime location. Try to add a link back to your website in your post. This will provide a backlink to your business website as well as optimization for your fan page.

  • Share the love – Add friends who are in the same business niche or a complimentary niche. Comment on posts they have made or videos they have uploaded. Do what you can to create a meaningful relationship with them instead of simply adding them as a friend to ‘sell’ to them. Provide value in the relationship and they will be more likely to share your information with their own network of friends.

  • Keep your personal life separate – Try to keep your business and personal lives separate. This doesn’t mean you can’t ever cross post (announcing an important event that will affect both family and business relationships), but you want to try to keep your Facebook business fan page for business related posts.

  • Invite ezine or email list readers, if you have them, to your Facebook fan page. It may help to offer an incentive – a coupon or a free report – that they can only find on your fan page. The benefit to doing this is that these readers will automatically share your fan page with their own network of family, friends and colleagues.
Getting your business the exposure it needs has never been easier. As you can see, by using the Facebook fan page for your business, and following these tips, you will soon have the exposure you want. If you are unsure about how to benefit from your Facebook business account, contact Bay Area Online Marketing and discuss your questions with their expert team.